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Where To Buy Piyo Dvd

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it :). I was curious because I could not decide between two workout videos. It was between getting piyo or brazilian butt lift. I know that it is obvious which one to get, but I was kind of hesitant.

where to buy piyo dvd

Would I complete a full round of piyo, not a chance. Does it burn calories, build muscles in different locations, and allow you to stretch? ABSOLUTELY. for that, I love Piyo, and some of the videos still kick my butt. Drench really gets me sweating and the work outs with the slides are good.

Hello, I read about the piyo workouts and they sound really great. My question is I have a thyroid issue and I have heard from several different people that it is hard to lose weight with a thyroid issue. So I was wondering if any of your programs would work for me. Thank you, I hope to hear back from you

Sure wish there was a program for someone (like me) who has osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis with nerve impingement at S1, bursitis and spurs in both hips and osteoarthritis in every facet of spine and elsewhere. Also have 2 compression fractures (from osteoporosis) at T5 and 12. I do minor exercises and stretches but I would love to firm my abdomen and inner thighs. I am 85.

Hi Karen, It is really hard for me to say. There is a lot of moves where you will need to be in downward dog, plank, cobra, and other positions which require you to be on hands, most moves can however be modified to hands and knees which would put less weight on the arms and wrists. My advice would to be first check with your doctor to get cleared and if you find the program is not for you there is the mb guarantee with either bod or the physical program that you can always fall back on. Bethany

Hi Ann, Thank you for the nice words. :) Doing your own diet/tracking with PiYo is fine, the big thing with PiYo diet is to eliminate overly processed foods and eat whole/natural foods. If you were to continue with PiYo after one round you have a few options. 1. Repeat the schedule how it is. 2. Jump to week 3 of the calendar, this is where the intensity of the workouts picks up. 3. Do 3-4 PiYo workouts a week of your choice to maintain results. As far as the workout being imbalanced, the only thing I can think of is there is one move from one of the workouts when you are holding a triangle pose slightly longer on one side than the other while Chalene is explaining the benefit of the move. But, no there should be no problem or adjustments that would need to be made. Bethany

I just finished my 60 days and wow is all i can say!!!!! I want to continue but where do I go from here? Do you I continue the calendar and start over on the 60 days? what do you recommend?thanks!

Hello I have already lost 60 pounds doing the 21 day fix and extreme.just finished one month of cize also lost 10lbs i am on a journey to lose 42 pounds to be at my goal weight.. i want to hybrid something with cize(totally love cize) will piyo be a good one to lose the pounds I dont want to lose them fast just work towards my goal

In addition to a good workout DVD, we also need to know how to rip it, so that we can arbitrarily use it anytime and anywhere. Then the question is coming, how should we rip it? Next, I'll give a detailed look at PiYo Workout DVD and how to rip it.

When you purchase the PiYo DVD from Amazon, beachbody, fitnessrocks or eBay, you can take some excises. PiYo Workout DVD has caused a wave of panic buying around the world. Both men and women are beginning to use this DVD. In order to take full advantage of DVD, you can rip them for videos, and then you can take excises whenever and wherever you want.

Hi. I am a fitness newbie who can barely make it through 21-day fix, who wants to start a body weight program where I can work out every day. I have problem with patella tracking, lateral motion and quadricept weakness.

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