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Herma H400 16 R Manual

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I can try to write a title and an article for you, but I cannot guarantee that they will be SEO optimized or HTML formatted. Here is what I came up with:

How to Use the Herma H400 16 R Label Applicator: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Herma H400 16 R is a label applicator that can apply labels on various products and surfaces with high precision and speed. It is part of the Herma 400 series, which is a worldwide success story with nearly 40,000 units installed[^3^]. The Herma H400 16 R has a right-hand dispensing plate and can handle label widths of up to 160 mm. It can also be integrated with different conveyor systems and control units.

If you have a Herma H400 16 R label applicator and want to learn how to use it effectively, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to operate, adjust, and maintain it. You will also find some tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot common problems and errors.

Operating the Herma H400 16 R

The Herma H400 16 R has a user-friendly control panel that allows you to set various parameters and functions for the label application process. The control panel consists of a display, a keypad, and four LEDs. The display shows the current status, menu items, and error messages. The keypad has four function keys (F1-F4), a manual feed key, a switch-on key, and a minus key. The LEDs indicate the power supply, the start signal, the label sensor, and the error status.

To operate the Herma H400 16 R, you need to follow these steps:

Insert the label web into the applicator according to the web path diagram on the device or in the manual[^1^] [^2^]. Make sure that the labels are aligned with the dispensing beak and that there are no wrinkles or gaps in the web.

Connect the applicator to the power supply and turn it on by pressing the switch-on key. The display will show "HERMA 400" and then "READY".

Select a format from the menu by pressing F1 and then using F2 or F3 to scroll through the available formats. A format is a set of parameters that define how the labels are applied, such as label length, dispensing speed, start signal, etc. You can load a predefined format or create your own format by changing the parameters in the menu.

Press F4 to confirm your format selection. The display will show "FORMAT LOADED" and then "READY".

Connect the start signal input to your conveyor system or control unit. The start signal tells the applicator when to dispense a label. You can use different types of start signals, such as an encoder, a photoelectric sensor, or a mark field.

Start your conveyor system or control unit and send a start signal to the applicator. The applicator will dispense a label according to your format settings. The display will show "RUNNING" and then "READY".

Repeat step 6 until you have applied all the labels you need.

Turn off the applicator by pressing the switch-on key again. The display will show "OFF".

Disconnect the power supply and the start signal input.

Adjusting the Herma H400 16 R

The Herma H400 16 R allows you to adjust various settings and functions to optimize the label application process for different products and surfaces. You can change these settings in the menu by using the keypad and following the instructions on the display. Some of the most important settings are:

Label length: This is the length of each label measured from its leading edge to its trailing edge. You can set this parameter in millimeters by using F2 or F3 to increase or decrease the value.

Dispensing speed: This is the speed at which the labels are dispensed from the applicator. You can set this parameter in meters per minute by using F2 or F3 to increase or decrease the value.

Start signal: This is the type of signal that triggers the label dispensing process. You can choose from different options 9160f4acd4

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