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Review: DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 - A Versatile and Powerful EQ Plugin

If you are looking for a high-quality EQ plugin that can handle any mixing or mastering task, you might want to check out DMG Audio EQuality V1.11. This plugin is designed to be the perfect EQ for any situation, with a variety of modes, features and options that let you shape your sound with precision and ease.

DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, and supports VST, VST3, RTAS and AU formats. It has a very low CPU usage, so you can use it on every track of your mix without worrying about performance issues. It also has a clear and intuitive interface that allows you to adjust the parameters with simple clicks and drags.

One of the main strengths of DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 is its flexibility. You can choose from three different modes for each band: Linear, Analogue and Minimum Phase. Linear mode offers the most transparent and accurate sound, while Analogue mode emulates the warmth and character of analogue hardware EQs. Minimum Phase mode reduces phase distortion and latency, making it ideal for live situations.

DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 also offers a unique Digital+ mode, which enhances the sound quality even further by applying some subtle processing tricks. This mode can make your tracks sound more polished and professional, especially on the high frequencies.

Another feature that sets DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 apart from other EQ plugins is its M/S processing mode. This mode allows you to process the Mid, Side or Stereo image separately, giving you more control over the stereo width and balance of your mix. You can also use this mode to create some creative effects, such as enhancing the ambience or adding some stereo movement.

DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 has six bands of EQ, plus two additional filters for high-pass and low-pass filtering. Each band can be switched between shelf, bell or notch shapes, with a wide range of Q and gain values. You can also adjust the resonance of the shelves above or below the curve, which can create some interesting curves and sounds.

The plugin also has a large and smooth graph that shows you the EQ curve and the spectrum analyzer. You can easily see how your adjustments affect the frequency response and the level of each band. You can also use the Range knob to scale the EQ curve up or down, or the Frequency Shift knob to shift it left or right.

DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 also has some handy features for workflow and convenience. You can link the controls of all bands or individual bands, so that they move together or in opposite directions. You can also use the Autolisten mode to solo each band and find the problematic or desired frequencies quickly. You can also switch between eight banks of A/B settings, undo/redo your changes, save and load presets, and customize the appearance of the interface.

In conclusion, DMG Audio EQuality V1.11 is a versatile and powerful EQ plugin that can handle any mixing or mastering task with ease. It offers a variety of modes, features and options that let you shape your sound with precision and ease. It also has a very low CPU usage, a clear and intuitive interface, and a high-quality sound that rivals any high-end console or rack gear.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download a demo version from the official website. The demo version has all the features of the full version, but it will mute every 90 seconds until you purchase a license.

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