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Bari Siddiqui Full Album - How to Get It for Free from Various Platforms

Bari Siddiqui Full Album Free Download

If you are a fan of Bangladeshi folk music, you must have heard of Bari Siddiqui. He was one of the most popular and influential singers in the country, who left behind a legacy of timeless songs. In this article, we will tell you more about him and how you can download his full album for free.

bari siddiqui full album free download

Who is Bari Siddiqui?

Bari Siddiqui was born on November 15, 1954, in Netrokona, Bangladesh. He came from a musical family and learned to play various instruments from his father. He started his career as a flutist and later became a singer and composer. He was also a poet and a writer.

A brief biography of the legendary singer

Bari Siddiqui rose to fame in the 1990s with his hit songs like "Shua Chan Pakhi", "Amar Gaye Joto Dukkho Shoy", "Ami Ekta Zinda Lash" and many more. He was known for his unique voice and expressive lyrics that touched the hearts of millions. He sang about love, pain, joy, sorrow, life and death with equal passion and sincerity.

He collaborated with many renowned artists like Sabina Yasmin, Runa Laila, Kumar Bishwajit, Ayub Bachchu and others. He also performed in many concerts and festivals around the world. He was admired by both the young and old generations for his versatility and originality.

His musical style and influences

Bari Siddiqui was influenced by various genres of music, such as folk, classical, ghazal, baul, rock and pop. He blended them together to create his own distinctive style that appealed to a wide audience. He was especially fond of Lalon Fakir, a 19th-century mystic poet and musician who inspired many of his songs.

He also experimented with different instruments like guitar, harmonium, keyboard, tabla and drums. He played them with skill and flair, adding more depth and dimension to his music. He was not afraid to try new things and challenge himself as an artist.

His awards and achievements

Bari Siddiqui received many awards and honors for his contribution to Bangladeshi music. Some of them are:

  • National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer in 2000 for the song "Shua Chan Pakhi" from the movie Srabon Megher Din.

  • Meril Prothom Alo Award for Best Male Singer in 2000 for the same song.

  • Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award in 2016 for his lifetime achievement in music.

  • Ekushey Padak in 2018, the second-highest civilian award in Bangladesh.

He also received many accolades from his fans and peers for his outstanding performance and personality. He was regarded as one of the legends of Bangladeshi music industry.

Why download his full album?

If you are wondering why you should download Bari Siddiqui's full album, here are some reasons:

The benefits of listening to his songs

Listening to Bari Siddiqui's songs can have many positive effects on your mood, mind and soul. His songs can:

  • Make you feel happy and relaxed.

  • Help you cope with stress and anxiety.

  • Inspire you to be more creative and confident.

  • Teach you valuable lessons about life and love.

  • Connect you with your roots and culture.

His songs can also be a great source of entertainment and enjoyment. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, whether you are alone or with your friends and family.

The variety and quality of his music

Bari Siddiqui's music has something for everyone. His album contains songs of different genres, themes, moods and languages. You can find songs that are:

  • Romantic and melodious.

  • Sad and emotional.

  • Funny and witty.

  • Spiritual and philosophical.

  • Patriotic and social.

His music also has a high quality in terms of production, composition, lyrics and vocals. His songs are well-crafted, well-arranged, well-written and well-sung. His songs are not only catchy but also meaningful and memorable.

The best platforms to download his album

If you want to download Bari Siddiqui's full album for free, you have many options to choose from. There are many websites and apps that offer free downloads of Bangladeshi music. Some of them are:


GaanA popular online music streaming service that allows users to listen to and download Bangladeshi songs legally.

Bangla Music HubA website that provides free downloads of Bangladeshi songs in various formats like mp3, mp4, wav etc.

Bangla Song DownloadAn app that lets users download Bangladeshi songs easily on their mobile devices.

You can also find Bari Siddiqui's full album on YouTube or other social media platforms where fans upload his songs. However, be careful about the quality and legality of these sources.

How to download his full album for free?

Now that you know why and where to download Bari Siddiqui's full album for free, let's see how to do it step by step:

Step 1: Choose a reliable website or app

The first step is to choose a website or app that offers free downloads of Bari Siddiqui's full album. You can use any of the platforms mentioned above or any other platform that you trust. Make sure that the platform is safe, secure and legal.

Step 2: Search for his album or songs

The next step is to search for his album or songs on the platform. You can use keywords like "Bari Siddiqui", "Bari Siddiqui full album", "Bari Siddiqui all songs" etc. You can also browse through the categories or genres to find his album or songs.

Step 3: Select the format and quality

The third step is to select the format and quality of the download. You can choose from various formats like mp3, mp4, wav etc. depending on your preference and device compatibility. You can also choose from different qualities like low, medium or high depending on your internet speed and storage space.

Step 4: Download and enjoy

The final step is to download the album or songs by clicking on the download button or link. You may have to wait for some time depending on the size of the file and your internet connection. Once the download is complete, you can enjoy listening to Bari Siddiqui's full album anytime!


platforms. His songs can make you happy, relaxed, inspired and connected. His songs can also teach you valuable lessons about life and love. His songs are a must-have for any music lover. So, what are you waiting for? Download his full album for free and enjoy the magic of his music!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Bari Siddiqui and his full album:

  • When did Bari Siddiqui die and how?

Bari Siddiqui died on November 24, 2017, at the age of 63. He suffered a heart attack and was admitted to a hospital in Dhaka, where he passed away.

  • How many albums did Bari Siddiqui release?

Bari Siddiqui released 12 albums in his lifetime. His first album was "Bari Siddiqui" in 1991 and his last album was "Bhalobasha" in 2017.

  • What are some of his most famous songs?

Some of his most famous songs are "Shua Chan Pakhi", "Amar Gaye Joto Dukkho Shoy", "Ami Ekta Zinda Lash", "Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche", "Krishno Pokkho", "Shobai To Bhalobasha Chay" and many more.

  • Did Bari Siddiqui act in any movies or dramas?

Bari Siddiqui acted in a few movies and dramas, such as "Srabon Megher Din", "Moner Manush", "Matir Moyna", "Shyamol Chhaya" and "Gohine Shobdo". He also composed music for some of them.

  • Where can I find more information about Bari Siddiqui?

You can find more information about Bari Siddiqui on his official website or his Facebook page You can also read his books or watch his interviews and documentaries.

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