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High Speed Internet Service Provider


Fiber internet sends LED or laser pulses through glass fibers that translate into data. Fiber is the best internet on the market today, capable of speeds up to 10,000 Mbps But its availability remains limited because fiber-to-the-home requires a new infrastructure in your neighborhood versus using existing cable and telephone lines.

Fixed-wireless brings internet service to your home using the same wireless technologies used by mobile devices. This internet type is split into 5G and 4G providers. We recommend you choose a 5G provider (like T-mobile or Verizon) as the service will be faster and more reliable than 4G fixed wireless internet service.

Try our speed test to find out how fast your internet is by clicking below. This test will measure your download and upload speeds, as well as other information like latency. You can compare your results to the maximum speed advertised with your internet plan.

Download and upload speeds depend on which plan you choose. Download speeds can range between 75 to 5,000Mbps. A fiber plan will give you symmetrical speeds, while a cable plan offers higher download speeds over upload speeds.

Yes, most internet providers offer options to bundle internet with TV and phone services. Typically, providers offer incentives like discounts on your monthly bill when you bundle your internet with one or both of these. Veriozn, AT&T, Xfinity, and T-Mobile all offer bundling options.

To find out what customers think of their internet providers service you can read our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey where we ask thousands of internet customers about their service to find out which providers are performing best. Customers rank their providers in categories like customer service, price, speed, and reliability.

It can take around 2 to 4 hours for a professional technician to install internet service. Professional installation also requires scheduling an appointment time, and usually there is an install fee. While it requires some more planning and investment, a professional installation is the most reliable way to get your internet services installed on time.

Yes, internet providers frequently offer discounts and bargains to lower the cost of your monthly bill. You can check out these internet deals for a comprehensive look at what internet providers are offering.

Once you submit your zip code, our database generates a list of internet providers and their plans that are specific to that area. You can use that list to find the best internet plan and price for you.

Purchase of HSD 500 required to get HBO MAX included for 6 months or HSD 1 Gig or higher to get HBO MAX included for 12 months. Does not include access to HBO linear service. After promotional term ends, HBO MAX will go to the regular subscription rate (currently $14.99/mo). Access HBO MAX through HBO MAX app on compatible devices (sold separately) or on using a compatible browser. Downgrading to a lower speed will forfeit the promotion and subscribers will be required to pay the regular subscription rate (currently $14.99/mo) or cancel the subscription to HBO MAX. HBO MAX is used under license. Offers and services, along with rates, equipment pricing, data allowances and charges, taxes, fees and other charges, subject to change.

Modem available from WOW! for lease at $14.00 per month. Regular rate of $14.00 per month after promotional term ends, or customer may provide their own modem. Modem lease on 1.2 Gig included at no cost with a continuously maintained subscription to the available 1.2 Gig speed package, unless there is a service or service package change, at which time then current pricing and package offers apply. Services, service packages, pricing and terms may change. Equipment must be immediately returned to WOW! by customer if WOW! Internet service is disconnected for any reason. Certain WiFi services offered by WOW! requires wireless modem for $14/mo from WOW! or compatible customer-owned modem.

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