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Mind Rage

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Winners will be selected on Wednesday, March 29th and provided information on where to meet for the event. Winners of the rage room experience must be 18 years of age or older and present valid ID before entering the event. Entry requires enrollment in the Consequence and MisterWives newsletters.

The user can tap into a primal instinctive state of mind, which can release an unstoppable rage that allows them to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that they couldn't or wouldn't in their normal state. In some cases, the user's mind descends so far into the feral state that, mentally, they are little more than wild animals.

Was ready to turn it off after the into, but after that for about 15 minutes or so it got pretty fucking amazing. Not good mind you, but that sweet spot of gloriously awful. The stilted dialog, the bizarre mannerisms the ridiculous delivery. All gold, that lured me into thinking the remaining time would be trash heaven, alas it wasn't the case and it reverted from being awesome bad to just plain bad bad. Tis a shame as it had potential.

The concept of Mind in Homestuck might be a reference to a Japanese word for mind, 精神 (seishin), which refers to both mind and spirit. The Mind aspect's ties to spirit are made evident through its ability to resurrect fallen players in conjunction with Time powers, as seen in [S] Collide .

The Rage aspect is an antithesis of Hope, tied to negative emotions and rage. Gamzee, the Bard of Rage, was able to enter a berserk mode, presumably by channelling his anger. This mode greatly increased his strength and allowed him to do massive damage to the Black King during the trolls' fight with him. Also, as he entered this rage, he was surrounded by a purple lightning effect which turned red in his sobriety. Gamzee's eyes were also shown to turn a darker shade of orange, and then completely red, as compared to a normal golden troll eye color, probably referencing a "blind fury" (becoming so angry you cannot see straight).

While Hope is tied to "aura" attacks, this aspect may have an effect on brute strength. The Grand Highblood, who would by logical association be a Hero of Rage, is the largest, most physically powerful Troll seen so far, almost matching an Imperial Drone in sheer physical stature. This notion is further supported by Gamzee's incredible attack power during one of his rages, delivering the most damage out of any of the trolls to the Black King with a single blow and easily swinging Terezi's entire body around with one hand, although Gamzee's actual size and physique do not seem to be affected, unlike his ancestor's; this may be an effect that only shows with time and growth, however.

Meenah demonstrates a very experimental mindset with regards to the way things work (speculating on concepts such as whether it's possible to "double die", as well as wanting to stab Roxy just to see what happens), and as the queen of Derse, the Condesce is perfectly happy to bend the rules by endorsing "tactical shortcuts" in the war against Prospit. Being described as Sea Hitler, the Condesce was the one who upheld draconian laws on Alternia that have resulted in the cost of countless lives. As an interstellar conqueror leading an army of murderous troll adults she was accounted for taking billions of lives. On Earth she drove humanity to near extinction. But being a Thief of Life, the Condesce was only able to take lives - any attempt to revive her race (giving life - the exact opposite of her role) ended up in vain.

From the perspective of a road rage driver, it is always the others, not ourselves, who do not drive correctly, who break traffic rules or delay us by causing traffic jams. It is difficult to realize that, once we get behind the wheel of our car, we are actively choosing to participate in the situation, so we become just another part of the problem.

In some (thankfully few) cases, road rage drivers completely lose control, leading to reckles

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