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Tin Cup

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Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy is a former golf prodigy leading a generally aimless existence. He owns a ramshackle driving range in West Texas, where he drinks and hangs out with his pal Romeo Posar and their friends. One day Dr. Molly Griswold, a clinical psychologist, arrives looking for a golf lesson. She has been dating David Simms, a top professional golfer who played with Roy in college. Roy soon becomes attracted to Molly.

The next day David Simms shows up at Roy's trailer ahead of a local benefit tournament. Roy thinks he is being invited to play, but Simms actually wants to hire him as a caddie (since Roy knows the course). During the round, Roy needles Simms about laying up instead of having the nerve to take a 230-yard shot over a water hazard. A bet among the other players is made and Simms fires Roy after he makes the long shot.

In the first qualifying round, with Romeo as his caddie, Roy's game is excellent, but his head needs help. Roy insists on playing recklessly and he demands the driver instead of the safe play which is laying up. Roy and Romeo fight and Romeo quits. Amazingly, Roy still manages to advance to the final qualifying round.

On the first day of the U.S Open, Roy, playing hungover, shoots a horrendous 83. Meanwhile, Molly sees Simms' unpleasant side and decides she truly wants to help Roy. With renewed confidence, McAvoy shocks the golf world by making the cut with a U.S. Open round record at 10 under par. Roy's third round is also excellent and moves him into contention.

On the last day of the U.S. Open tournament, Roy is in a three-way battle to win. For the fourth day in a row, Roy takes a shot that repeatedly fails to keep the ball out of the water hazard. On his twelfth and final shot, facing disqualification, he reaches the green and amazingly, it goes in the hole. Roy realizes that he has blown a shot at winning the U.S. Open, but Molly re-assures him about how people will always remember his amazing shot.

Tin Cup was based on a story by Ron Shelton and Tim Norville inspired by the vulgar expression, "He's (She's) not worth a fart in a tin cup." It was scripted by Norville and received a rewrite from Shelton. Costner joined the project in June 1995, having previously worked with Shelton on Bull Durham. Filming was due to start on September 15, 1995.[4]

Janine Turner was reportedly the first choice for the role of Molly Griswold, but she turned it down. Michelle Pfeiffer was also approached before Rene Russo was then cast. Pierce Brosnan and Alec Baldwin were considered for the part of David Simms, before Don Johnson was placed in the film. John Leguizamo was offered the character of Romeo Posar until Cheech Marin stepped in to do the role.

Kevin Costner trained extensively with Gary McCord to learn how to play golf, as stated in the foreword Costner wrote for McCord's book, Golf For Dummies. McCord helped Costner develop a swing and pre-shot routine, is listed in the end credits as a golf consultant and has a cameo appearance in the film.[5]

The film's climactic scenes take place at a fictional U.S. Open tournament set in North Carolina. Some of the film was shot in Kingwood, Texas, and some was shot at Tubac GC in Tubac, Arizona. The movie's 18th hole is actually the 13th hole on Kingwood's Deerwood course; the lake that guards the front of the green on this beautiful and difficult par-5, actually a par 4 in real life, was built for the movie by the film company.[6]

The scene at the end of the movie in which Roy McAvoy repeatedly reaches the water hazard is based on a true incident. Gary McCord, an actual commentator and pro on the Champions Tour, needed a birdie to win.[citation needed] He kept reaching the hazard and it took him 15 strokes to reach the green, then just one putt, from 25 feet, to complete the par-4 hole.[8] In the movie, McAvoy holes out the shot in 12.

The film included product placement from Taylor Made. Don Johnson's character David Simms uses a Taylor Made golf bag and cl

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