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I just wanted to thank you and everyone at your company for helping to make possible the crawfish boil we had this past Saturday. While crawfish and the beach might be a strange combination, our party was a great success. My wife and I attended a lot of crawfish boils when we lived in Baton Rouge, but I had never been directly involved with cooking them. Your company-from the online info, to the fast shipping, to the easy-to-follow directions-made it easier for me to try my hand at doing this myself. Everything went off without a hitch-from the kids playing with the crawfish as I rinsed them off in my daughter's old baby pool, to the dueling cookpots I had working non-stop for about 2 hours, to the quality and taste of the crawfish themselves. I even had a few fellow ex-Louisianans there to verify that the crawfish, corn, potatoes, and mushrooms tasted just like they had remembered and to initiate those unfamiliar with eating mudbugs. My favorite testimonial had be from a Marylander who insisted to me that all shellfish should be steamed (e.g. blue crabs), and that he might have "a couple" of crawfish just to give it a try. After getting his fill at the table later in the evening, he was hooked, and made us promise we would do it again next year. So, I'll close by saying that is definitely something we'll consider doing. I've put your company's website in my Favorites for future reference. Thanks again!

I just thought I would e-mail you to let you know that I just placed my third order from you today. I am originally from Louisiana and have lived in Tennessee now for 9 years. I miss Southern Louisiana terribly. I just discovered I can order a little bit of home and have it shipped to me by ordering crawfish from you. Why I haven't done it sooner is beyond me. You have great service and wonderful live crawfish at prices I can afford to have shipped to me every weekend! I am glad I found you online. You know you live in the wrong place when they use the term crayfish or craydad. Don't worry though,I plan on setting these Tennesseans straight and letting them experience real crawifsh boils! Geaux Tigers!

Remarks: These crayfish reach a fairly large size and will attack and eat anything that they can grab ahold of. They should not be kept with small fish. DISCLAIMER: Many states have regulations prohibiting the import of crayfish. Please visit this link to learn about your state's laws: Click here.

Buy Crayfish online from Sanford and Sons for the freshest fish and seafood delivered from the dock to your door, or browse our range to find the perfect seafood for your dish. See our recipes for easy and delicious meal inspiration.

These are wild crayfish from Spain. They are the Louisiana species (Procambarus Clarkii). They have been cooked to the Swedish recipe and then frozen in blocks in the cooking liquor. Leave the block in your fridge overnight to defrost; it's fully sealed so it won't leak, but pop it in a bowl just to be safe! When defrosted, just empty the pack into a pan and reheat. We sell mountains of these every August when Swedish expats throw their annual summer crayfish parties. But you don't have to be Scandinavian to enjoy these, so why not order a pack or two to give a try?

Our standard crayfish line, all in their dill liquor - which is just how they love them in Crayfishmania (aka Sweden) - is very popular. But the rest of us aren't quite so committed to dill and might like our crayfish plain, so we can add our own sauce for instance. These are for you! These crayfish are sourced from English rivers and lakes and they are also alot bigger - by two or even three times. You'll get12 crayfish in a tray.

Our whole cooked crayfish are wild trapped from the clear and rocky inland lakes of Minnesota, and carefully sorted and selected by us. They are then prepared according to a traditional cajun style recipe. After we cook the crayfish, we seal them in with our delicious liquid brine overnight, and then freeze them.

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