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this might be a bit longer than normal, but this is a big change, and we still want to bring you the best hfe has to offer. your fanart and vote helped us to figure out who to take in. so far, our contributor rankings and staff self-rating is as follows: saffron: staff member and hfe moderator alfie: editor razen: editor, starfighter, and new contributor (on phone) rico: staff member and sponsor member, web designer, uploader, and moderator hotblood: staff member and moderator sheng: staff member pete: staff member and senior editor doug: staff member jeffery: staff member mr. marti: owner

that is why we are at version 1.0! we look to be here for good this time. hfe is undergoing a huge renovation, to make sure that it has a good stream and strong storyline for the time to come! this will likely take most of the year, but it is all for the best.

thankfully, we have not had any issue with it in the year weve been offering it. in fact, weve had over 1000 users sign up with their premium accounts in the first 6 months. it was a bit of an uphill battle, but as of today, we are used to dealing with around 50/60 paid users daily, and this is with no real advertising, mainly word of mouth. it just proves that while things are volatile, having a strong community and fandom is more valuable than just currency. 3d9ccd7d82

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