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Download Kirby's Dream Land 3 ((FULL))

Kirby's Dream Land 3, then, now out as a download on the Wii U Virtual Console, is one of the pink puffball's older adventures, and one that was never released in the UK. The story is typically basic, with Kirby and his blobby blue mate Gooey enjoying a peaceful fishing trip when a mysterious dark cloud appears, shattering the rings that surround their planet of Popstar. It all serves as a convenient excuse for Kirby and his friends to trot through the pastel-coloured crayoned-in lands of Popstar, making use of the titular blob's various abilities to defeat enemies as you make your way to the end of each level and hunt down the pieces of the planet's rings. Kirby's trademark copy ability is present and correct, too - by inhaling and swallowing various enemies, the Kirbster can steal their powers (and gain a new hat in the process); whether it's surrounding himself in a ball of electricity, swinging around a sword or bawling into a microphone and deafening everyone on the screen.

Download Kirby's Dream Land 3


their bike after a jump to correctly land as well as being one of the first ever racing games with a Track Builder. Excitebike is now available to download from the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii Points.

New Adventure Island originally for the Turbografx (PC Engine), is also now available to download for 600 Wii Points. This adventure title, originally released by Hudson on the NES as Adventure Island Classic, is the first in a highly successful series of titles. 041b061a72

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