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Life Science


At NCBiotech, we see it as science involving cells and their components, products and processes. Biology, medicine and agriculture are the most obvious examples of the discipline. However, as science becomes ever more complex, it is more difficult to find clear definitions and boundaries.

Biotechnology is the most prominent component of the life sciences. Simply put, biotechnology is a toolbox that leverages our understanding of the natural sciences to create solutions for many of our world problems. We use biotechnology to grow food to feed our families and to make medicines and vaccines to fight diseases. We are even turning to biotechnology to find alternatives to fossil-based fuels for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Biotechnology is grounded in the pure biological sciences of genetics, microbiology, animal cell cultures, molecular biology, embryology and cell biology. The discoveries of biotechnology are intimately entwined in the life sciences industry sectors for development in agricultural biotechnology, biomanufacturing, human health, precision medicine and medical devices and diagnostics. For example, biomedical researchers use their understanding of genes, cells and proteins to pinpoint the differences between diseased and healthy cells. Once they discover how diseased cells are altered, researchers can more easily develop new medical diagnostics, devices and therapies to treat diseases and chronic conditions.

Fiber Photometry System is another great invention in the scientific instruments USA company sector. R810 is the ideal choice for many researchers in the fields of neuroscience because of its relative simplicity compared to other systems in terms of vivo recording techniques.

As a progressive scientific equipment company, RWD introduces the up-to-date laboratory equipment to the industry including the Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System, stereotaxic instruments and so on. Our scientific instruments service is applicable to animal surgery and modeling, neural circuit signal, cell & molecular biology, microcirculation monitoring, pathological diagnosis, and veterinary medical science.

Our top-tier research and development team has helped RWD to acquire nearly 100 invention and utility model patents worldwide, encompassing core technologies in different fields from neuroscience research, molecular and cellular research, respiration and anesthesia, and to pathological diagnosis products, and more.

RWD believes that the scientific instruments USA company sector should take the lead in promoting continuous learning within the medical science industry. Therefore, apart from being a scientific instruments service provider, we have established the RWD Academy to share supplementary knowledge about laboratory technology. We have taken a step ahead of the scientific equipment company USA sector by organising both online and offline seminars.

Beyond the scientific instruments company sector, we are building a business partner network to boost our reach and to better serve our customers worldwide, and catalyse the life Science research progress and improve animal healthcare together.

Learn about Meridian Bioscience, the leading manufacturer of antibodies and antigens, qPCR reagents, pcr reagents, molecular test reagents, immunoassay antigens, and antibodies for diagnostic applications.

Meridian has been providing innovative life science solutions and building trusted partnerships for over 40 years. Our focus is to offer products and services that help to advance the development of diagnostic assays.

IndieBio New York is a startup development program backed by global venture fund, SOSV, which invests in early-stage life science startups that are tackling the world's most pressing problems in human and planetary health. IndieBio New York promotes innovation by offering companies a dedicated four-month educational program, investment, free lab space, and the opportunity to become part of New York's fast-growing life scien

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