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BibleWorks 9 Review: A Powerful Tool for Biblical Exegesis and Research

BibleWorks 9 is a software program that provides a wealth of resources and tools for studying the Bible in its original languages and modern translations. It is designed for scholars, pastors, students, and anyone who wants to dig deeper into the biblical text. In this article, I will highlight some of the features and benefits of BibleWorks 9, based on my own experience and the reviews of other users.

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What is BibleWorks 9?

BibleWorks 9 is the latest version of the BibleWorks software, which has been on the market since 1992. It is a Windows-based program that runs on Mac computers with a virtual machine or emulator. It comes with over 200 Bible versions in more than 40 languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, and more. It also includes many original language texts that are morphologically tagged, which means that you can search for words based on their grammatical features, such as tense, voice, mood, case, gender, number, etc. You can also access various lexicons, grammars, commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, and other reference works that are linked to the biblical text.

What are the new features in BibleWorks 9?

BibleWorks 9 has added several new features that enhance its functionality and usability. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • The Manuscript Project: This feature allows you to view high-resolution images of several important manuscripts of the New Testament, such as Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Alexandrinus, Codex Bezae, and more. You can also compare the text of these manuscripts with the critical editions and see the variants and differences highlighted. You can also transcribe and edit your own manuscripts and share them with other users.

  • The CNTTS Apparatus: This feature provides a comprehensive and up-to-date critical apparatus for the New Testament, based on the work of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies. It shows you all the variants and readings from over 5400 manuscripts and versions, along with their sources and evaluations. You can also customize your own apparatus and filter the data according to your preferences.

  • The ESV Study Bible: This feature gives you access to the full text and notes of the ESV Study Bible, one of the most popular and reliable study Bibles available today. You can read the introductions, outlines, maps, charts, illustrations, cross-references, articles, and more that accompany each book of the Bible. You can also search for topics and themes within the ESV Study Bible.

  • Four columns: This feature allows you to display four columns of text on your screen instead of three. This gives you more flexibility and space to compare different versions or languages of the Bible side by side. You can also adjust the size and font of each column according to your preference.

  • Difference highlighting: This feature allows you to see the differences between two or more versions or texts of the Bible highlighted in different colors. This helps you to identify variations and similarities in wording, spelling, punctuation, etc. You can also choose which differences you want to highlight or ignore.

What are the benefits of BibleWorks 9?

BibleWorks 9 offers many benefits for anyone who wants to study the Bible seriously and accurately. Some of them are:

  • Speed: BibleWorks 9 is very fast and responsive. You can perform complex searches and queries in seconds and get instant results. You can also switch between different texts and resources with ease.

  • Accuracy: BibleWorks 9 is very accurate and reliable. It uses the best available texts and editions of the original languages and modern translations. It also provides you with detailed information and analysis of every word and verse in the Bible.

  • Depth: BibleWorks 9 is very deep and comprehensive. It covers every aspect of biblical exegesis and research. It gives you access to a vast amount of data and resources that you can explore and study in depth.

Flexibility: BibleWorks 9 is very flexible and customizable. You can tailor it to your own needs and preferences

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