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How Do I Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Detected


How Do I Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Detected

Is your Seagate external hard drive not working? This page covers comprehensive solutions to fix Seagate and other brands of external hard drive not working, not detected, or not showing up errors, making your hard drives work again without losing any data.

After following these tips, if your Seagate external hard drive is still not detected, move on and try the other further solutions offered below. If you prefer a professional data recovery and external hard drive repair service, EaseUS Data Recovery Service is recommended. Our experts can easily repair crashed, mechanically failed, and physically damaged hard drives, USBs, and SSDs. Contact the experts and repair the Seagate external hard drive now.

Since some effective ways to fix external disk problems will definitely cause data loss, such as disk formatting, we strongly recommend restoring and backing up your data from Seagate's external hard disk first.

To effectively recover data from not working Seagate external hard drive, you need to use powerful hard drive data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which can restore data from inaccessible, corrupted, and RAW external hard drives.

Step 1. Use a correct USB cable to connect your external hard drive to your computer. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and you will see your external disk under External drives. This software supports all the popular external disk brands, including WD, Seagate, Toshiba, LaCie, SanDisk, Samsung, etc.

Note: If the program warns you that there is a conflict, back up the listed partition with essential data to an external hard drive first. Then execute the final operation to restore your lost partition.

If your external hard drive shares the same drive letter as your disk partition, Windows won't show the drive letter of your external device. It will show as New Volume in Disk Management without a drive letter.

If the file system on your Seagate hard disk is corrupted and it's not mounted corrected on Mac, it won't work nor be detected. In this case, remounting and reformatting the Seagate drive is the quickest way to revive it.

Generally, "Not Working" is a state that usually describes a malfunctioning hard disk or external hard drive. Seagate external hard drive not working or not detected is a concerning issue among worldwide Seagate users.

So, what causes your Seagate external hard drive to stop working or malfunctioning? Both software and hardware issues may cause a hard drive not to work as usual. Here is a list of common reasons for this issue:

This guide offered 8 solutions to repair the not working Seagate external hard drive on both Windows and Mac computers. If some fixes cause file loss, you can retrieve all precious data with the EaseUS file recovery solution.

Also, we explained why your Seagate external hard drive suddenly doesn't work or is not detected by Windows or Mac computers. As your data matters, creating a regular backup of your external disk data is helpful. Fixing Seagate external hard drive not working error is possible, and follow the above steps to make your drive work again.

Occasionally, when you plug in any Seagate external hard drive to PC, it may not show up or be detected by your PC. This is a common problem with Seagate drives. If you don't have any important data on the hard drive, you can just format it easily. However, if it contains important data, how can you fix the Seagate external hard drive not showing up issue or recover data from it?

In this article, we'll tell you the reason why your Seagate external hard drive does not show up or get detected as well as the methods to fix it. Besides, you'll learn how to recover data from the hard drive if you lose data during the process or the drive is broken.

In most cases, you can access the Seagate external hard drive through Windows File Explorer. However, there is a great possibility that the hard drive doesn't show up in the devices a

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