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Buy Used Cars In India

I was not sure about buying a used car online, but 7-day trial was tempting! I chose the car & blocked it on CARS24 app & picked the car the very next day at their yard. Simple, straight forward, honest price, and a fantastic all-around experience. Well done CARS24!

buy used cars in india

  • 1. Explore from thousands of used cars in India at CarWale of your choice.

  • 2. Check seller details on CarWale.

  • 3. After being assured of the car on contacting the seller, make a purchase.

  • 4. You can also check for used car loan facilities from CarWale.

Spinny is the most trusted way of buying and selling used cars. Choose from over 5000 fully inspected second-hand car models. Select online and book a test drive at your home or at a Spinny Car Hub near you. Get a no-questions-asked 5-day money back guarantee and a free one-year comprehensive service warranty with Assured Resale Value on every Spinny Assured car.

Absolutely, buyers can choose to avail financing through Spinny wherein we would get the loan processed through our finance partners. Our established partnerships help us process loans faster and get our customers better interest rates. Depending on your credit worthiness, you can avail used car loans through Spinny at interest rates as low as 12.99% compared to the market rates of 14-16%.

Buying a car in India is a basic necessity for some, a status symbol for the more indulgent, but a dream come true for most of us Indians. Whatever the reason may be, a car is an important part of Indian households. But buying a car is a major financial decision, which involves a great deal of savings and foresight. The concept of buying used cars started taking ground in recent years when people realised that used cars can be as good as new cars. However, many of us still refrain from the idea as it involves tons of research and a substantial amount of risk. With the advent of online used car platforms, things have become easier for the common Indian.

Sites like OLX and Quikr come under this category. They are time-saving and at the click of a button or a tap on the screen, you have a number of used car options in front of you. The portals do make life easy, but one cannot rely completely on the information displayed as this could be false as well. You will still have to go to the car check it out thoroughly and then come to a decision.

With used cars you will have to consider the high interest rates that banks and NBFCs offer, but you can compare them and choose the one that suits your budget the most. Good upfront payment can ensure lower interest rates which would be easier for you in the long run. Buying from online dealerships has perks of its own as they provide assistance in availing loans for your used car purchase.

Buying a used car can appear to be daunting at first glance but it is simplified with Spinny. Spinny is a full-stack pre-owned car retailing platform that removes the middleman while delivering more value and convenience to you.

Spinny features more than 5,000 certified used cars to choose from, which have been evaluated on 200 points to ensure that you choose from the best used cars in your city. Prospective buyers can search their desired car online, review the detailed report and images of the car, and get to know the car even before test driving it. Every Spinny Assured car comes with Fixed Price Assurance, which ensures you receive the best price for the car without the need for negotiation.

Spinny is the most trusted way of buying and selling used cars. Choose from over 2000 fully inspected second-hand car models. Select online and book a test drive at your home or at a Spinny Car Hub near you. Get a no-questions-asked 5-day money back guarantee and a free one-year comprehensive service warranty with Assured Resale Value on every Spinny Assured car.

There are a number of online platforms available to buy used cars in India but CarTrade is a preferred option. At CarTrade, we review every used car for its details. However, we request you to do your proper due dilegence before buying and making payment for a used car.

  • Before buying a used car you need to check the following things: 1. The number of kilometers for which the car is used.

  • 2. Overall wear and tear of interiror and exterior.

  • 3. Are all the documents are in place or not.

  • 4. Insurance transfer charges

  • 5. Past records of the maintenance

Yes you can buy or rent one. In a country like India there are several options for buying & renting cars in India. There are various car dealers & car renting agencies where you can get any car at fare price. Just negotiate smartly.

Cleaning the UndercarriageTo safeguard against importation of dangerous pests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that the undercarriage of imported cars be free of foreign soil. Have your car steam-sprayed or cleaned thoroughly before shipment.

Driver's Plates and PermitsImported cars should bear the International Registration Marker. The International Driving Permit, issued in five languages, is a valuable asset. Consult an international automobile federation or your local automobile club about these documents.

Any sales professional will tell you that most of their sales take place at the end of the year or the end of a quarter. Sales of cars, be it new or old, are no exception to this fact. Sales teams at dealerships and showrooms have designated sales targets, and the pressure is on to meet those targets before the year or quarter ends. To do this, they offer additional discounts on the cars. So, try to time your purchase during the last weeks of March, June, September, and December. You will be able to negotiate and make a better deal for yourself.

Whether it is cosmetics, shoes, clothes, or appliances, we know that we get the best deals during the festive season. So why should buying a used car be any different? Used car dealerships and showrooms often have sales going on to lure customers. Very often, along with additional discounts, they will offer extended warranties, upgrades, free accessories, and so on.

Purchasing a used car costs less than a new car, but it is still a considerable investment that can run into lakhs. Planning is crucial. The price of a used car may be low, but you would be paying higher interest compared to new vehicles when you take a loan. To prepare yourself, you can use a loan calculator.

A brand new car in the showroom can cost you Rs 10 lakh. The same car model, out of the showroom, and just a few months to a year old, will cost you a few lakhs lesser. So, your hard-earned money goes a lot further with a used car.

Buying the car of your dreams is easier than ever. So stop dreaming and start planning. Plan your finances smartly and plan your purchase wisely. While you look for the best deal, check out the best-used car loans to get the best car model of your choice.

Buying a car is not one of the most complex tasks in life and yet there are so many things that can go wrong in the process. That is even more likely when you are buying used cars in India, a country where law offers very little protection against fraud. Combine that with the lack of experience from the buyer and you are likely to end up with a precarious situation riddled with slips and falls for the prospective buyers. What can help in this situation is if you were somehow to come across a complete guide about buying a used car in India. Well, you are in luck since we have listed down the things to check when buying a used car, and avoid any pitfalls that await you as you move forward to get the car of your dreams.

Contact the dealer or the owner to organize a vehicle inspection and test drive. The inspection can be done at their premises however many dealerships now also offer a home test drive facility. Inspect the exterior and interior of the car thoroughly. Look out for warning signs such as signs of repainting on the body which can indicate an accident. Check for oil leaks and other signs of wear and tear such as battery damage or condition of tyres. Switch on the car and run the engine to inspect if there is any black smoke from the exhaust or oil spouts from the exhaust. Also run a check on the electrical components such as lights, windshield wipers, horn, and dashboard lights. It is advisable to ensure you have knowledgeable friends or a trusted mechanic if you do not have enough knowledge and experience with cars.

You can save many of these difficulties by going for a reputed company to buy a pre-owned vehicle instead of taking a chance at dubious dealerships. One of the most credible and reliable places to do it is Revv. As you buy a used car in India from Revv, you get a detailed history report as well as one year warranty, and even a 5-day money-back guarantee if you did not like the vehicle. They can even assist you regarding second-hand car insurance through their insurance partners.

At CARFAX, we collect events from the lives of millions of used cars from 20 European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. We can then create a vehicle history for every car in our database and make it available to you.The information helps you to check sales data, avoid expensive follow-up costs and negotiate a fair purchase price.

Traditionally, you would go to a showroom and get your vehicle inspected before learning about the price, but now you do not need to do that anymore. With technologically advanced websites such as Orange Book Value which is a well-known used car valuation tool, you can simply check your pre-owned car price online in a hassle-free manner. You can check used Audi car price, used Hyundai car price, second-hand Honda car price, and so on with OBV. As a seller, you will always look to make the most out of the deal, and as a buyer, you are not willing to spend an extra penny on the deal for Used car price. The difference in thoughts and expectations often keeps buyers from buying and sellers from selling the product. However, with OBV, you need not hear from anyone else. Simply visit the website and with the help of a used car pricing calculator, you can get the right amount range for your used car. 041b061a72

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