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Code Complete: A Practical Handbook Of Software...

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Steve McConnell: I've kind of gotten in trouble for that statement over the years, I think, because it was not my intent ever to say that source code should be the only documentation. But it was my intent to make the observation that, for better or worse, a lot of times, it does end up being the only documentation. The argument I tried to make in the book was, "Look, given the reality that a lot of times that's how it ends up, it makes sense to put effort into the code itself to make it as self-documenting as possible." And it wasn't really my intent ever to say that that's the only thing anyone should ever do. But, you know, as a practical matter, we still see all kinds of code bases with very little external documentation.

Starts from the basic concepts of Go, including the structural elements of Go programs (e.g., syntax, control flow, data types) and goes all the way to how to build, test, and maintain projects with Go. Includes hundreds of interesting and practical examples of well-written Go code.

The code that you are penning has to be clean to make everything work. Otherwise, there will be multiple bugs that you will witness and the software that you have designed will tumble down. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship will concentrate on providing you with tons of written code that you can look into to find out the mistakes that you might be making. The basic focus is on providing a thorough comparison between the essential factors that determine if a program is good or bad. The book is a three-section one, the first one aims to provide the pattern, practice, and principles. In the second part, readers will come across a number of case studies alongside a few practical examples. The book will also familiarize you with all the required details that you need to enforce in molding a badly written code into a clean one. 781b155fdc

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